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Mitco adds Global B2C Solution to its Portfolio

Monday, November 23, 2020

While imports tend to dominate trade with China, Mitco is proud to be able to provide direct to consumer export services to China through its US based Distribution Centers.


Did you know November 11 is the largest on-line shopping day in China?  As a supply chain partner supporting the Alibaba network, Mitco provides direct to consumer fulfillment into China for those shopping In support Mitco processed over 50,000 direct to consumer orders! 


In China and also known as Singles Day, or Double 11, 11/11 is a celebrated shopping day. In support Mitco shipped thousands of items of authentic and highly recognized US brands direct to consumers in China from our US distribution centers


Mitco receives, stocks and manages inventory to support the daily flow or orders through this T-Mall solution. These orders are delivered to us electronically, are picked and packed the same day, then labeled with Mandarin addresses and local China postage to allow for injection into their ground delivery systems, which is the equivalent of our USPS.  These orders are then airfreight in bulk into China, and ultimately deliver within 5 days or ordering!


So, when we say Mitco Delivers this is another example of Mitco solutions and ability to service orders globally.  To support this growth, Mitco continues to invest in its facilities, people and technology.  To learn more about Mitco Global E-Commerce solutions contact, or call 253-891-0600, or visit