How many square feet is your facility?

Auburn WA- 140,000
Tacoma WA- 32,000
Downey CA- 122,000

How long does it take MITCO to Transload a container?

MITCO supports a 48 hour and 72 hour from container release to outbound on truck SLA

How do you handle customer service support?

MITCO operates under a Single Point of contact approach. We assign a primary CS person to your account, with ability to respond to any of the segments we support, be it warehousing or trucking.

How many containers fit into a 53’ truck on the transload program?

Depending on the size of your cartons, and the total CBM of your containers, we typically see a
3-2 container to truck ratio. Our SLA for the outbound loads is to achieve a +90cbm in a 53’ truck

What is MITCO inventory accuracy?

MITCO ran a 99.3% accuracy in 2019

What is MITCO’s Managed Solution?

MITCO managed solution means understanding customers’ expectations and proactively managing all segments of the supply chain to those expectations and KPI’s.


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