Provide adaptive and scalable global supply chain solutions designed to customers' needs by investing in people and technology.


Our History- Launched in 1988 after years of frustration as a freight forwarder we grew tired of the lack of integrated solutions in the domestic delivery landscape. The vision, there needed to be an integrated solution, ​from port to the door!​ A solution that supported visibility of the PO and items, and not just the containers and trucks. A solution that could be flexible and adaptable and unique to each customer.

Today Mitco Global Logistics is recognized as an industry leader in helping importers get their goods to market. By continuously investing in our people, technology and operations we create supply chain formulas that are specific to our customer’s needs. With integrated services, and data management across all service segments; ocean, drayage, warehousing and transportation, we deliver against promise.

As a light asset based third party logistics provider, we do not rely on others to deliver. All relationships begin with understanding what your strategic business objectives are, and how you measure success. We then design and document the solution with your KPI’s. All of which are visible from our systems, along with exception reporting and document retention.

At MITCO, our single objective is to provide you with a global inventory management solution with visibility throughout the supply chain. We call this MPower TM! Mitco managed solutions, ​let us introduce you to the MITCO magic.​

Mitco Kevin May

Kevin May
President & Founder

"We are all in customer service... in a service industry people providing the service need to be as committed and passionate about delivering value as you are about your business. Our Oscar is the longevity of customers and referrals of new opportunities. You grow our business, and we help you grow yours. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Working together to achieve mutual benefit at all levels. How refreshing!"



Mitco Group Shot

Our senior leadership team brings years of experience in logistics and supply chain management together. At our core is ' 'Be the Change '' philosophy. What does this mean? Where there is opportunity we come from different perspectives...to think differently. We challenge ourselves to think not only how, but what if? This creates a culture which eMPower and encourages every individual to contribute and make us better.
Built on the ideology of being a “client advocate” our team starts with ensuring we understand and define the goals and objectives of the client. We document and arm our team members with this knowledge so they have a clear path and understanding of the commitments and KPI’s.
Our facilities and people provide the solid foundation from which we operate. At our core, is our safety and security programs, the areas of "no news is good news". And continues with teams of trained and MPowerTM staff, who are instrumental in exceeding customers’ expectations. They are the hallmark of our services..
A mix of asset and non asset solutions, designed to provide complete transportation services...from the first mile, to the last mile! Our team collaborates with its customers and partners to define solutions aligned to the objectives of our clients. Speed to Market, Cost Control, TL, LTL, Intermodal and small parcel our team finds the solutions to meet your objective.

At the center of our solution is our proprietary system, designed not to just track boxes and trucks, but to manage and report inventory and purchase order information across all platforms. From overseas, to your door, or your customers door, providing block chain visibility, real time status and connectivity through EDI and API applications.

We augment this with industry leading cloud-based technology, that supports our distribution centers (WMS) and our Transportation Services (TMS). Providing our team and our customers the visibility they need.



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  • 1.People
    We are committed to the professional development and the personal growth of our employees
  • 2.Customer Centric
    We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding customer expectations at every level of service and communication
  • 3.​ Teamwork
    We invest in productive relationships and build team cultures driven toward customer and company goals
  • 4.​ Control
    Asset based drayage and warehouse facilities reducing the dependency for outsourcing critical functions in the supply chain
  • 5.​ Innovation
    We engage our customers in determining ways to improve service delivery and drive innovation in our process
  • 6.Accountability
    From the time we on-board new relationships we define the process and are accountable to delivery


MITCO encourages a positive environment for our employees, our vendors and our customers​. Our culture is inclusive and strives to create and support a diverse workplace. We strongly believe that building understanding, respect, and appreciation for different people contributes to our growth.

MITCO is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity​. Our employment practices will be conducted in a manner that will not discriminate against any employee or applicant because of age, race, color, religion, gender, marital status, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status or disability.




auburn location
  • Centrally located to Sea-Tac ports
  • 140,000 sf w/cross dock configuration
  • 40 doors, secured yard, trailer pools
  • Year round dual shifts
  • Ability to turn 750-950 FEU monthly


tacoma location
  • On Port of Tacoma property
  • 35,000 sf w/cross dock configuration
  • 17 doors, secured yard, trailer pool
  • 20-50 warehouse staff, 2 shifts
  • Ability to turn 300-450 FEU monthly


la location
  • Close proximity to Long Beach port
  • 120,000 sf Class A space
  • 20 doors, secured yard, trailer pool
  • Year round dual shifts
  • Ability to turn 700-850 FEU monthly

Downey, CA

  • Close proximity to Long Beach port
  • 120,000 sf Class A space
  • 20 doors, secured yard, trailer pool
  • Year round dual shifts
  • Ability to turn 700-850 FEU monthly
  • 7300 Flores St Downey CA

La Mirada, CA

  • Close proximity to Long Beach port
  • 75,000 sf Class A space
  • 12 doors, secured yard, trailer pool
  • Year round dual shifts
  • Ability to turn 600-800 FEU monthly
  • 16800 Trojan Way La Mirada CA

Trailer Yard, Tacoma WA

  • On port of Tacoma
  • 200 trailer positions
  • Secured yard
  • 2810 Marshall Ave Tacoma Wa 98421